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Stevens Pass

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Posted rates include the first two guests. $25 per person will be added for additional guests (including children 1 year and older.)

Washington Cabin with Private Hot Tub overlooking Index Creek

The purpose of a getaway is to come together as a person, couple, family, or group. Getaway to this one-of-a-kind secluded cabin nestled in the North Cascades at the foot of Mount Baring. Index Creek bends and falls over its rocky bed right out your back door. A generous, 350 square foot deck overlooks the rocky Index Creek that flows past the cabin. Enjoy it all four seasons.

  • Snuggle up with a good book
  • BBQ vegetables and meat
  • Have a picnic dinner
  • Watch the wildlife
  • Soak in the hot tub

It really doesn't matter the season. Spring, Summer Winter and Fall, A River Runs Through It is truly a great getaway!

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"The cabin's name, 'A River Runs Through It' , certainly conjured images of respite and tranquility but it did not prepare us for the absolute magic of the place. We began our journey on a crisp day in the throes of winter. In the rare absence of rain the vibrant emerald green waters seemed to have swallowed up the sun and, as we traveled across the windy road that followed the river, I was reminded more of tropical pleasures than of the northwest.

We came back to our cabin in the woods by the creek for our third visit. . . . This is always a great place to return to!

~Kathleen & Doug

"I truly can't express how very much we enjoyed our time at the cabin. Unfortunately, it poured the entire time, so I wasn't able to get any decent photos outside due to the lack of light and the constant rain. (On the other hand, if there's anywhere in the world where being a shut-in is in no way a bad thing, it's up there!)
Heather Corinna 11/2005

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Posted rates include the first two guests. $25 per person will be added for additional guests (including children 1 year and older.)
Photo by Heather Corinna, c2005

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