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Lodging at Mount Rainier, one of the wonders of Washington

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Posted rates include the first two guests. $25 per person will be added for additional guests (including children 1 year and older.)
Mount Rainier, Washington's highest mountain has a summit elevation of 14,411 feet it can be seen from all over the state and on a clear day, from as far away as Portland, Oregon and Victoria, B.C.

Located about 2 hours from Seattle and 2.5 hours from Portland, Mount Rainier National Park is Washington State's #1 visitor destination and is a favorite day trip for the locals.

Enjoy Mount Rainier year round: Longmire, Paradise, and Ohanapecosh are popular destinations and can be launching points for more exploration of the National Park. A multitude of hiking trails and scenic drives are scattered throughout the park.

The "peak" wildflowers bloom at Mount Rainier is dependent on weather conditions, and is difficult to predict, but usually mid July to early August is a good bet. Visit the rangers in the park and ask about the best trails.

Explore one of our country's most spectacular National Parks!

Winter activities in the Park:

  • Snow shoeing
  • Snow play
  • Sledding
  • Cross country skiing
  • Winter camping
  • snowboarding
  • Pick up a Junior Ranger Activity Book for the kids.
  • Photography
  • Take a scenic drive
  • Tour the Visitor Center at Paradise
  • Museum at Longmire

Summer Activities in the Park:

  • Take a day hike to a glacier, lake, waterfall or Tatoosh Ridge peak
  • Bring a camera for photography. Time your trip to coincide with the wild flower peak season
  • Pack a picnic lunch
  • Backpack - check at one of the ranger stations for recommendations
  • For the hardy, consider a guided summit trip
  • Wildlife viewing, including Columbian black-tailed deer, elk, black bear, Douglas squirrels, Stellar’s jays and common ravens. . . at least 56 mammal species, 11 amphibians, 5 reptiles, 229 species of birds, 8 species of native fish



The entrance to Mount Rainier National Park is two miles from Copper Creek Inn, Cabins and Lodge. Mount Rainier National Park, established March 2, 1899, encompasses 235,625 acres. It is an active volcano reaching 14,410' at the summit.
  • Snow fields, ice and glacier
  • Old growth forest
  • Stunning wildflower meadows

In summer, most roads are open from late May to early October and all provide stunning views and access to a variety of hiking trails and other sites. In winter months the road to Longmire, except is extreme conditions is open, and is usually open to Paradise.

Mount Rainier National Park and the surrounding area is beautiful year round! Rent a cabin or suite and snuggle in for the evening. There is nothing like a soak in a hot tub after a day in the park!

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Posted rates include the first two guests. $25 per person will be added for additional guests (including children 1 year and older.)